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 my thoughts

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PostSubject: my thoughts   Sun Sep 19, 2010 9:43 am

werebeasts can be built for many things but the over all thing is that they dont normaly die unless its magic or a stacking magic dot (damage over time) a wb can be built for a dd role and still tank good and or be built for dps. the best way for dps is a mix of light and heavy armor. it depends on what the server has for interval mixes besides TT 99 armor but that will also help just fine. a axe damage build wb can be fun. fast and hit hard so good for pk and leveling. dps is just purely speed but u want to go for damage so claws and or fists, which ever is better, is the preferred choice for just speed. but the main thing a wb is meant for is tank. if u want to pk make a hell wb either DD or DPS build. if u want to do full tank then go holy and or wear heavy armor only with magic addorns. your looking for adds with con hp addon or str in them. u can mix these builds however u like but i normaly do a holy DD mix so i can tank and do damage. makes my good as tank easier when i can kill it fast and survive at the same time. axes only for me. i use to do a mean mix of axes and claws in other servers but i stick with just axes now. if u have any more ideas or questions please ask ill explain and or help with this.
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my thoughts
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