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 GM Applications ! MUST READ

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Conquest Perfect World Site Owner

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PostSubject: GM Applications ! MUST READ    Wed Sep 22, 2010 7:58 pm

Hey All.

So as I am in charge of all GM applications I would like to make it public of what I would like the Application to Look like !

First of all; I want your Name, Age, D.O.B (Date of Birth), Experience,
Location, languages and how well you speak them, Game Knowledge,
some Ideas of what it will be like as GM (It is important to me that you tell me so I know who to chose.).

Here is an Example.

Hi my Name is James,
I am 24, My D.O.B is 28/1/1986

I have been playing Perfect World for 2 Years now.
I am a lvl89 Dark Archer. I have also been on many Perfect World Private Servers.

I live and am currently in the UK, I speak English, German and Spanish.
English Very well, German and Spanish well.

I think we could get more players with more Events and more Items as rewards.
And I think I could provide players with an even more and fun experience as a GM and Provide them with the Help they need.

See you in Game geek
Conquest (CO) Admin
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GM Applications ! MUST READ
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