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 Server Rules

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PostSubject: Server Rules   Wed Feb 02, 2011 3:06 pm

These Rules will take place as of now.

1. There will be no killing any player that has no gear or Fairy.
2. No pking players lower level than you.
3. No pking at any Events at any time unless the Event is a PK Based Event.
4. No Spamming WC or miss behavior towards Staff & Players.
5. No Hacking or Botting at any Time. (We will be checking).
6. No racism on World chat OR in Common chat. If seen you will be Muted no warnings.
7. No insulting a GM at any time (If it is a joke then do so in PMs !).
8. No begging for Items, (if a player refuses to Craft you gear do not beg.).
9. This is a English server so Please keep World Chat to English.
10. No cheating in HH, means no dual HH'ing.
11. No QQing (Crying) on World Chat if you get killed in PK.
12. No PKing players doing their Cultivations as this is Unfair due to their Fairy level also stated in Rule 1 (read above).

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Server Rules
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